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Surface Book - Black screen after sleep mode


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Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this problem. I have a surface book with the i5 processor without the NVIDIA graphics card option. I've been having a problem with the SB where the screen freezes after going into sleep mode. The screen stays black and the only thing that I can see on the screen is the mouse pointer. The touch pad is responsive and when I swipe down with two fingers half of the screen saver appears with an option to turn off the computer but the option is unresponsive. I have found that the only way to get out of this glitch is to turn it off by pressing and holding the power button. Fortunately I haven't had to save anything important when this happened. I'm starting school back up and do not want to risk this happening when something important hasn't been saved.

Has anyone had a similar problem like this and/or found a solution?


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This is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem judging by the posts here. The solution for me is to never use sleep mode. Instead, set all your power options (close lid, press power, etc.) on both battery and plugged in to hibernate. This does not seem to happen with hibernate, only with sleep. The other benefit of hibernate is that you do not get the battery loss that you get during sleep (which is another problem, perhaps related to the first). The downside is that it takes a few seconds more to wake from hibernate than it does from sleep.


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Thank you very much for your reply! I was looking through the forum but I guess I didn't look in the right places.


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I usually experience this when the device is on "presentation" mode. When it goes to sleep and i wake it up again, the screen is black with only the cursor visible.

The only work-around i was able to find was to revert it back to laptop form (the detach/attach mechanics will still work) and then hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del. This brings back the login screen and I just login like normal.
I m think we are having the same issue. I have hello login enabled. Most times coming on from sleep screen is black only thing visible is the hello feature. Once it logs me in (2 seconds tops) the screen is back to normal. Maybe this will help you?


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Damn it! Just got this this morning and even after the update. It doesn't even record as a crash in the reliability history. Just that I restarted unexpectedly. I'm dumbfounded by how many issues this machine has.


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I have the i5 without the dGPU and if I set the SB to sleep it refuses to wake up with significant (and unacceptable) frequency.

For an expensive machine that was touted as having state-of-the-art sleep and power management, I could pick any of my other 6 computers (none of which cost nearly as much) and any of them would be hands down 10x better.


Mine will some out of sleep OK, and Hibernate OK - but it will not successful restart after moving from Sleep to Hibernate after 30 mins as set in Power Plan options.
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