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    Windows update - cause camera to fail

    System 7 Pro, Domain client First, I cannot fathom why there are so many Intel, Surface, Realtek updates to the system... on a weekly basis. I posted earlier about camera fail after upgrade to current build of windows; however, loss of camera function is more pervasive. I now have a...
  2. M

    Surface RT won't boot windows after the installation of update 3

    Well that's my problem. The surface works perfectly but when i install the update 3 from windows update (KB3033055) or the standalone pack (KB3097667) from the official microsoft site and i restart the surface in order to finish the installation it won't turn on. All i obtain is a black screen...
  3. Z

    January Preview updates make blank 8.1 login with flashing wifi

    I assisted a family member in getting RT updates working again. The clock was lagging by a month -- despite time sync settings set to time.windows.com -- but anyway, after bringing it a month forward in time, two small sized (30ish MB) important updates and the optional January 2018 Preview...