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Windows update - cause camera to fail

John Lenz

New Member
System 7 Pro, Domain client

First, I cannot fathom why there are so many Intel, Surface, Realtek updates to the system... on a weekly basis.
I posted earlier about camera fail after upgrade to current build of windows; however, loss of camera function is more pervasive.

I now have a spreadsheet of each applied "driver" specific updates from WSUS. In it I track each update and verify camera operation. Since I started tracking last September, 2020, I have 133 unique updates.

My recovery approach is as follows:

1. Periodic System Image backup (File Backup)​
2. System Restore points before installing update groups.​
This saved me having to return the Surface to MS for replacement. Sometimes, the update caused a non -repairable loss of camera's function.

Currently, these 2 updates broke the camera:
Intel System - 60.19041.2.2768​
Intel System - 60.19041.0.8​
Anyone experience this issue?​

John Lenz

New Member
Just successfully updated camera to Intel 60.19041.1.3505 and camera is no longer operational. Just posting for info in case anyone else has the same issues. Now doing a system restore point and unapproving the update from Microsoft update services server.