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    Saying good bye to my Pro 2

    Okay everyone, I bought my Spro2 brand new back in 2013. it is now ancient and has lasted me until now but I think I am going to need to move up to a newer surface. I LOVE my surface but, I am now doing video editing (youtube). In adobe premiere the play back with no editing done to it will not...
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    Screen Replacement: What adhesive can be easily removed again.

    I bought a Surface pro 3 with a cracked screen and have been working on replacing it. As I'm sure many of you know, getting the screen off in one piece is a near impossible feat. By the time I had the old screen off I was bleeding, the screen was in many more pieces than it had been and I had...
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    [SP4] Status bar freezes

    Hi All, I setup the SP4 today. Everything seemed to work like a charm until I downloaded and installed the updates Windows offered through the update function (not the 18/11 upgrade though). After a reboot to finish the update process everything looked normal. However, whenever I click Windows...