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Screen Replacement: What adhesive can be easily removed again.


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I bought a Surface pro 3 with a cracked screen and have been working on replacing it.

As I'm sure many of you know, getting the screen off in one piece is a near impossible feat.

By the time I had the old screen off I was bleeding, the screen was in many more pieces than it had been and I had developed a deep disliking of that horrendous black tar-like adhesive.

When I install the new screen I want to use an adhesive that won't be as hard to remove as the original so that I can open it again in the future for repairs/upgrades without destroying the screen.

Do I have a good chance of getting the screen off again without cracking if I use 3M tape?
Or is there an another adhesive that would be better.


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Hi, I have replaced my screen yesterday and I have noticed next thing. I have already ordered 2 types of 2 sided adhesive tape and I have noticed that even tho you would have the thinnest adhesive tape there is it will still be too much and that your screen will actually not be in line with the frame of the Surface Pro 3. Don't allow yourself for a screen to be above the frame. It will be really risky situation for a screen. What I have done is placed super glue in really small dot on 8 places and placed the screen on that. It is fixated and I believe that if I want someday to replace the screen again, that there would be a really high chances for the screen to stay intacted. Can't confirm this 100% cause this is the first time ever I have replaced screen on the Surface.

Plus one big advice. Before you actually place a screen make sure you use small anti eletricity duck tape on both connectors on the screen cause those connectors are really small and I have experienced for ex screen to lose connectivity with digitizer (small connector for NTRIG part). With that duck tape you will make sure it will not lose connection and it can't harm the board where it is connecting.

And before you place a new screen, make sure there is not any microscopic glass pieces of ex screen cause those miniature parts can harm your screen.

Plus before you actually place a new screen make sure you turn on your Surface and test touch to make sure those connections for digitizer are good.