1. A

    Solved Surface Book volume

    Another really weird thing happening with my laptop - the volume sometimes goes down to zero by itself without me touching it, almost like it is possessed! Also the volume down button on the screen itself doesn't work at all! Tried updating the drivers but no joy at all. Can anybody please help?
  2. mikecox

    Docking station: overheating/sound drop off

    In the past few months, I've experienced sudden drops in sound levels for no appealing reason. I've r/o system issues; this started happening with my original SB and continues to happen with my new (replacement) SB. I've also r/o problems with my external Boaz system. When it happens and...
  3. P

    Volume buttons active when explorer.exe turned off

    Hi! I run my Surface 3 program in single app mode. I mean I replaced explorer.exe shell by MyApp.exe. The problem is, that when explorer is switched off, the volume buttons are not working. Do you know if it is somehow possible, eg making own script. I'm using Win 8.1 Thanks a lot!
  4. P

    Solved Disabling Home button (not Volume )

    Hi everybody! We are developing application and dealing with problem with main Home button. We need to disable it, but when I disable it through Device Manager, the Volume buttons are disabled too. I know there is way how to do it in Surface app. But do you know any solution without need of...