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Docking station: overheating/sound drop off


In the past few months, I've experienced sudden drops in sound levels for no appealing reason.

I've r/o system issues; this started happening with my original SB and continues to happen with my new (replacement) SB. I've also r/o problems with my external Boaz system.

When it happens and I unplug the docking station for a couple minutes the volume is back to normal when I plug it back in. But it soon drops off again. If I put my machine to sleep and come back later the volume in normal and remains normal for a couple hours but eventually it drops off again.

I am convinced that this is somehow related to the docking station and may be heat related, but the docking station does not FEEL hot! But because the dropoff only occurs after I've been on my computer for more than a couple hours and requires me to log off my machine for an hour or so before the volume is back to normal and stays there, at least for another couple hours.