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    Surface Hub Gets Microsoft Whiteboard With Windows 10 Creators Update

    The official Microsoft Windows blog has today announced that it has started rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update for Surface Hub. Ryan Gavin, general manager at Microsoft Devices Marketing, says that in the 14 months since Surface Hub started shipping, there has been an “astounding”...
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    New Surface Pro and Pen Designed to Work Seamlessly With Office and New Whiteboard App

    As part of its special Surface event in Shanghai today, Microsoft also announced a new Whiteboard on Surface app, and updated Surface Pen (which will no longer be bundled with the main Surface Pro tablet, and must be brought separately), as well as new inking capabilities. In particular...
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    Looking for software: Virtual Whiteboard or similiar

    Hello there, I am a teacher and I am looking for a software to use the Surface Pro as a virtual Whiteboard. In general, Onennote is basically enough (although some things like a ruler for example would be nice) but what I am missing most is a sort of presentation mode. So when you connect...