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    Touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen not working since recent Win10 Updates.

    Hello, Both my touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen technology seem to have all gone down since rencent updates occured just before or over the weekend. I have tried enable/disable and uninstall/reinstall all the HID compliant drivers in Device Manager. I have not yet found the drivers to try to...
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    Help! Surface Issues and Return after 30 Days

    Help! I Need Somebody, Help! Pretty Much anybody, Heeelllp.... nanananaan Having some huge issues with my SP4 At the moment The issues im encountering are (connected to wall power and on battery) -Video_TDR_FAILURE Bluescreens -Video_memory_management_failure Bluescreens -Pen Disconnects...
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    Need BLURAY writer for Surface Book and Win10

    I have a Pawtec that never worked on my Surface Pro1 with win 8.1, only my older Win7 laptop. I put it on my BOOK, and just like Win8, it won't write and ejects a new disk in a second. Worse, my BOOK would reboot itself periodically while idle until I removed the device and driver from device...
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    HELP : SP3, WIN10, DOCK, No Local Area Connection

    My wife has a Surface Pro 3 that sits in a Microsoft Dock. We are not sure when the problem started but while the SP3 can connect to our WIFI just fine, I can't get the Ethernet port on the dock to be recognized by the SP3. Device Manager > Network Adapter > Surface Ethernet Adapter present...
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    SP3, running Win 10 fresh install, high system process

    I've updated my SP3 to windows 10 via fresh install of .iso a few days after it became available, and I use the surface daily (6-10 hours). Took a phone call with Microsoft to upgrade my windows 'key' to 10 but it was worth it. Problem I'm having, is all day yesterday and today, with no user...