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Touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen not working since recent Win10 Updates.


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Both my touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen technology seem to have all gone down since rencent updates occured just before or over the weekend. I have tried enable/disable and uninstall/reinstall all the HID compliant drivers in Device Manager. I have not yet found the drivers to try to manually reinstall the drivers yet but wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue or knows of a fix.
I had something similar a while back. I reverted to an older restore point (I think it was about a month prior to the update) which got things working, then installed the updates and everything was okay.
Thank you. I'll try that tonight. I had a similar thing happen previously to a touchscreen PC and Windows 10. I'll have to try this for both. Hopefully this works. I'll update if the problem is solved in case it might beneift someone else.