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    On-Screen keyboard not working after enabling BitLocker encryption

    Hello, Has anyone tried to enable BitLocker encryption on a Surface Studio? We're an organization that requires all our computers (laptops, desktops, slates) to have encryption enabled. We're using Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise to manage the BitLocker native device encryption on all our Windows...
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    I have a problem with SQL @ Visual Studio

    hello to all . i have microsoft surface pro4 corei5 -8 G - 256 i installed visual stadio 2013 & SQL 2014. After trasferring my project from my old laptop ( win7 & Visual stadio 2010) Bad things design windows form, Objects in my all of form is disarray butt when i run the same form...
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    Not Able to Enable Hardware Based Bitlocker Encryption On Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10 Pro)

    Ok, I have a feeling that this is a larger Windows 10 issue, but I am experiencing this with the Surface Pro 4, the ideal test hardware for anything Microsoft, right? :) Here is what we are trying to accomplish: Encrypt our Surface Pro 4's (win 10 Pro) using Hardware-Based Encryption Why? A)...