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    Clean Windows 10 install?

    Hello, I bought used Pro 3, and I'd like to clean install fresh Windows 10, because it turned out is's originally chineese version. Is there any way to clean flash Windows 10 from USB like on normal Laptops, of Windows 10 for surfaces is slecially modified?
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    News on Pinterest and Twitter

    Well I have none other than they don't work. I bought this for the wife and it is going to be an issue. Does anyone know if these apps are going to be available?
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    Solved SP4 Boot Loop

    Hi All, So, my SP4 went through a windows 10 update last night. Now when I turn it on the Surface logo appears the spinning dots then appear and then it goes dark and repeats this process. I have made a recovery USB but when I try to reset the SP4 choosing the "keep my files" option then the...
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    Surface 3 (Atom) not charging only when asleep (Weird)

    Hi, So I just got my surface 3 (Atom) a few days ago, and it has done this about three times now now. I can reproduce the issue easily. At night at the end of the day, my surface is almost dead, so I close the cover, plug it in, and leave it over night, but when I wake up in the morning, I find...