windows ink

  1. J

    Erase button click doesn't open Windows Ink

    Hi, I have been using my SP 2017 for about 3 weeks, and suddenly it's been a few days that clicking the erase button does not work to open Windows Ink to create a sketch. The stylus works to draw and erase, but not clicking the erase button. I have checked the Windows Ink config and it seems...
  2. C

    Windows ink save format

    Hello, I'm playing with my new surface 4 pro and I have a question. Using Windows ink's tools I found out I can save what I draw on the sketchbook only as a (of course very big) PNG image. There is no option to select jpg as a format. The only way is to open the image in Paint and then save as...
  3. iliketoys

    Surface Pen Doesn't Open Windows Ink

    I searched a bit and didn't see this topic covered but wanted to see if anyone has seen a fix. After the Anniversary Update, my Surface Pen works as usual but the eraser button doesn't consistently call up the Ink menu or One Note. I've tried uninstalling the pen drivers and forgetting and...