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Erase button click doesn't open Windows Ink


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I have been using my SP 2017 for about 3 weeks, and suddenly it's been a few days that clicking the erase button does not work to open Windows Ink to create a sketch.

The stylus works to draw and erase, but not clicking the erase button. I have checked the Windows Ink config and it seems alright (I haven't changed anything).

Anybody else experiencing the same problem?

Thanks in advance,


What version of the surface pen are you using? Did you try and un-pair and re-pair the pen yet? Also maybe pull the battery on the pen and then put it back in...like a reset.


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Hi Clintro,

Thanks for your answer. I'm using the latest version of the stylus (model 1776).
I did all that you said before posting (maybe I should have been specific about it). Repairing,
replacing the battery, checking the Windows-Ink configuration... but the click on the erase button still has no effect.

Thanks in advance,


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The end button of the pen uses Bluetooth. The drawing function uses direct electrical field interference. Make sure you have enabled Bluetooth on your Surface to allow for the button 'erase' functions.


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Thanks! That was it.

I switched off bluetooth a few days ago to save battery and switched on again when I plugged the
computer. Apparently the pen didn't pair back properly as I had deleted and paired it a couple
of times during this week.

Today I deleted the pen from the bluetooth configuration and paired while holding the
erase button
. After pairing, Windows did some extra configuration (that didn't happened when pairing normally) and finally works.

Thanks all for your help.
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