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    surface pro4 problem

    I've had my pro4 now for 8 months and use it all the time, but I have some niggling problems with it, it occasionally 'freezes' and most times has to be turned off before it can be used again, also the pen stops working, again this is only sometimes (intermittently). Other problems include...
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    How can I reconnect once removed MS Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse?

    Hello forum, I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro3 and having problem with re-connect and pair Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. From Setting -> Devices -> Bluetooth, I have mistakenly removed the paired Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. I've been trying to re-connect and pair but just...
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    Boot issue - SecureBoot error

    One of our SPro4's is coming up with the following error on boot;- One or more selected boot devices has a SecureBoot violation! Returning to Surface settings. Please verify SecureBoot key configuration and boot device selection. We had Windows 10 Enterprise edition installed.
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    Windows 10 start button and task bar not working

    Hello :) Specifications: Windows 10, Surface Pro 3 (Swiss version), 256 Gb. Uses avira, drawboard PDF, redshift, office, matlab. Definition: "not working": no reaction to be seen on screen. Nor in the program behaviour. Problem: the Windows keyboard button is not working. The windows icon button...