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    Solved HELP! WiFi has disappeared on Surface Pro 3, i7, 256 GB, Windows 10

    Hello I've got a Surface Pro 3, i7, 256 GB, running windows 10 I've had it for about 3 - 4 years now and it has worked liked a charm, never caused me any major issues that I couldn't resolve, until now. The WiFi settings seemed to have disappeared. I've tried all the suggestions I could find...
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    What causes wireless adapter to prefer n over ac?

    My home route is a D-Link DIR-890L. Since the beginning on acquiring the SP4, I noticed wireless speed to be rather slow, and later discovered that the onboard Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller connects to the router using 802.11n. I could only acquire 802.11ac connection if I...
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    Wireless roaming on SP4

    I'm aware this has been asked before but would be grateful for news of any progress. I have two access points in my house, both using the same SSID and password but two different channels (5 and 11). My SP4 will not switch from one to the other as I move locations. In fact, once connected to...
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    Solved Ethernet/Wi-Fi disabled

    So we have about 10 Surface Pro 4's in our organisation, of these at least 50% have had an issue where they boot up and will not connect to Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or will connect to Wi-Fi but say no internet access. The issue is not caused by a failed update and event viewer does not point to a...
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    MSFT wireless display adapter vs Actiontec screenbeam mini

    Hi all, I need help in deciding my HDMI wireless dongle adapter which I want to connect with my TV. I will be beaming from both windows as well as android devices. Which adapter shall I choose MSFT wireless display adapter or actiontec screenbeam mini2? Any help would be appreciated. Intel...
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    slow wireless network download speed

    My SP3 is running Windows 10. The transfer speed is very slow when I download a several hundred MB file from my network hard-drive to the SP3 with an 802.11n wireless router. (it sometimes starts with several MB/s then it quickly goes down to 355 KB/s or even 0 KB/s.) Upload speed from SP3 to...
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    connecting to a wireless epson projector via EasyMP

    I have a computer lab of Surface Pro 3's running Windows 8.1. We have used the Epson EasyMP Network Projection software to connect with the projector with our laptops in the past (version 2.86). I have not been able to connect to the projectors with the software installed on the Surface Pro 3...