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MSFT wireless display adapter vs Actiontec screenbeam mini

Actiontec screenbeam mini2 vs Microsoft wireless display adapter

  • Actiontec screenbeam mini2

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  • Netgear PTV 3000

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New Member
Hi all,

I need help in deciding my HDMI wireless dongle adapter which I want to connect with my TV. I will be beaming from both windows as well as android devices.

Which adapter shall I choose MSFT wireless display adapter or actiontec screenbeam mini2? Any help would be appreciated.

Intel website says even some atom processors support wireless display. But I don't think they'll be able to stream videos wirelessly. Any experience with this setup?



Staff member
Either....both use the latest Wireless HDMI that only redraws the Mouse Trajectory vs. Whole Screen redraws....

Haven't tried either with anything but Windows though...


Well-Known Member
Don't have a smart TV do you? I bought the dongle as got it for an amazing price... but afterwards I realised my TV did this without any need for a dongle; bugger!