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$1.49 for Windows Apps?


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Microsoft Surface Apps Will Start at $1.49

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I can see Microsoft's attempts to incentivize developers to create much-needed apps for Windows but I'm not sure if I would want to pay $1.49 for apps that I can get for a dollar on the Android or iOS. Of course, the apps wouldn't be exclusively the reason why I would buy a Surface tablet but it will be one of the things that will maintain it's longevity. Anyway, I'm not going to rant but this combined with the rumor that the entry-level Surface was going to cost $1,000 isn't doing Microsoft any favors. Microsoft has a potential hot item in its hands but their momentum seems to be slowing down. What do you guys think?


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Interesting speculation. Of course there will still be free apps as well. $0.99 seems to be the "magic" price point but it is rather arbitrary to begin with and many, many apps already cost more than that without issue. I don't see this being too big of an issue. Of course there are still many unknowns about the Windows app store and how it will succeed and this is just one more factor in that equation.

Don't forget the Surface RT is the entry level Surface and it is expected to start at around $500 not $1000 (which is the Surface 8 Pro's speculated price). Also the prices of the tablets available will vary when the OEMs start adding their own Windows tablets to the mix so you won't be limited to the Surface models offered directly by MS.


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I agree with ^, $0.99 is the magic price for apps.

Off topic: I was reading someplace of an emulator that would allow Android apps to run on Windows 7. Think it might be possible to migrate all your Android apps over to your Windows 8 tablet if the emulator is compatible? ^_^


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I don't see why people feel the need to complain about something that's 99cents or 3 dollars for something people put h[SUB][/SUB]ours into. I'm here you go into a store and buy a 1.79 soda and don't complain. How much a week you spend in chips or a drink or dunkin donuts. I bet its 20x more then what u buy in apps every week. You payed over $500 for a tablet, yet paying a buck for someones hard work is just crazy ill go save my 50cents some where's else. And people need to shut up with all apps should be free. Why don't you be a dev and work for a long and hard on a product and be like no its cool ill give it away for free. Some apps, yes should be free. But don't complain when there not. How about u buy that app that'll last you forever instead of that ice tea you'll forget about in a hour.
All I ever see now is people acting like since they already bought the phone or whatever that everything else should be free. When you buy a car you expect the gas to come with it?


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This discussion reminds me of the heyday of CB Radios. People would broadcast fir a time check, (I forget the code) and someone would come back with, you can afford a $300 CB rig you should be able to afford a $10 Timex.