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256GB SP3's on woot

Just find a student in your family and get him/her to buy it with you and get the 10% education discount - $100-200 depending on what version you buy - applies to everything, even type cover.


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I noticed that a few weeks ago quidco were still offering £100 off SP3's from microsoft. Couple that with an edu discount and you get a steal.


The 256 GB versions (both i5 and i7) are currently on woot, $100 and $150 cheaper than the MS store price, respectively.
Deal may go away in 24 hours; and this may also be a prelude to an eventual price cut.

I have three separate, saved boolean searches up on eBay now tracking them for the past three months. The 512GB units run in the $1,500-$1,750 range, but if you're patient you can snag one for $1,375-1,450. Right now, just hanging back to see what and when on the SP4 and either jumping to that or upgrading to an i7, 512GB SP3.


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The SP3s should drop even more when the SP4s are released, although that's probably still months away.

In any case, the deal didn't last too long since it's sold out already.


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You'd get a better deal with the student coupon ( Best Buy ) plus usps movers coupon (10%). And, yes, they stack!