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64 GB space is plenty...

I don't understand how you can claim that 64gb is plenty yet are forced to rely on external storage. I could store absolutely everything on the cloud and claim that i only need 5gb of storage. No, at the end of the day i still need more than that, just as you need more than 64gb.

I will happily pay the extra for the onboard storage as opposed to faffing around with microsd cards and external harddrives.

As to slowing the thing down by filling up the ssd, well that doesn't bother me at all. I'm still an all mechanical hdd man, and my computer is plenty fast enough for me with all it's "lowly" hardware.
Just wondered what programs do you have installed and how you use your surface? Do you have an SD?

No SD, since I don't know what to get.
Also a reminder, my surface came with 90gb available.
All I have is a bunch of software my old pc had, nothing special.
How much does win 8.1 take up ? I have a desktop pc with win 7 and all my programs on a 128gb ssd it has about 30gb free with no files ( they're on a HDD) so I could see that 128 would be a bit short for me possibly though I probably wouldn't install as many programmes on the surface .... Or perhaps I would, I don't know yet.