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64gb pro owner. Can I install games to SD card?


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Basically I want to expand memory to have more room and not just fill the internal. Can I install steam and games on Sd cards?

1- Can I buy let's say 5 sd cards and swap trough them?
2- Is there a better option? Don't tell me I should have bought the 128gb.

Basically I want to know what all mu options are in terms of software storage. Thanks.
I have the 128gb SP2 and still put all my Steam apps and games on a microSD. The internal storage I like to keep empty for WinStore Apps, and documents, pictures and other files I put on my 64GB microSD alongside my games, and also back up files to OneDrive.

So yeah, sure thing man.


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Thank a lot for your reply!
And lets say I take the SD out and put in another. Swapping between many is fine?

By default Windows does a small caching of your SD card so that you can take it out without even having to use the "safe hardware removal" as if you were unhooking a usb device (though if you disable this you can get faster performance out of your SD card Safely Remove Memory Cards without Using 'Safely Remove Hardware' | PCWorld).

tldr; yes you can swap it as you'd like.


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Will the speed of SD card make much of a difference in games? Should I buy a scan disk or any reputable 64gb micro sd will do? Let me know what you think.