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8.1 and row tiles issue, only in SP or 8.1 in general?


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Hey. Ok so the 8.1 is supposed to be RTM this Aug. There have been patches/updates rolling constantly. However, one issue that has not been fixed as of yet is the row tiles setting not sticking. I'm referring to the 6 row tiles in the SP, by setting in display more settings to smaller. When the SP goes to sleep and then wakes up, the setting reverts back to default, thus making the 6 row tiles back to 4 row tiles.

Is this issue in the Surface Pro only? Or is this a general 8.1 preview issue that also happens on other devices with hires screen?
have you tried swipt to charms, under settings top rt corner of screen, tiles , add rows that way. Mine seem to stick to the added rows coming out of sleep.
have you tried swipt to charms, under settings top rt corner of screen, tiles , add rows that way. Mine seem to stick to the added rows coming out of sleep.

yes but that only changes the screen from 3 rows to 4. To change it from 4 rows to 6 rows, you need to go to display settings and make the display smaller instead of default.
I adj in both places and mine stick coming out of sleep as well as shut down. I just wanted to make sure you are setting the tiles from charms also. WEIRD
hmm.... so you have 6 rows and it doesn't revert to 4 after the SP wakes up? hmm.... i already tried reinstalling. I also tried installing from an msdn downloaded 8.1, but both of them screw up the tiles after sleep. :(

can anyone else confirm having the same issue on 6 rows tiles?
What you're doing is that you change the resolution of your primary display (the built-in LCD), use "Show More Tiles" to show 6 rows, but upon waking up from Sleep, reverts back to the original resolution, hence 4 tile rows.

What is the resolution of the screen on wake up?
actually the resolution hasn't been changed, it's still at 1920x1080. The Show More Tiles option brings the tile row from 3 to 4 rows. Then if you go to Display settings, more settings (where it says "Change the size of apps on the displays that can support it") and change it from Default to Smaller. That makes the row tile from 4 to 6 rows.

However, when the SP goes to sleep, the last setting goes back to Default so the rows also go back to 4 row tiles.

If you reboot the SP, it goes back to 6 rows, until again when it goes to sleep where it goes to 4 rows upon waking up.
you know my bad I generally shut down completely and have my SP to not sleep while plugged in during the day when I am using it in DT mode. But after checking it out and letting it go to sleep -- the tiles still stick. I did have two diff results--- When it slept for more than 5 mins it came out of sleep with no issues for me-(6 rows of tiles) but when it went to sleep and I rushed it back on the tiles went to default ( so that must have something to do with it). After it defaulted I shut it down for a while and when I turned it back on the 6 rows were there again...interesting.
ok thanks!!! at least i know it's not only my SP lol...

hopefully MS gets a patch out for this soon. this is the only major issue i see on the evaluation build, and other than this it works fine for me as a production machine
yeah I set my SP to dual boot the 8.0 and 8.1 but I have only been using 8.1 as my daily work machine.
This is happening with me as well, regardless of what happens (sleep, manual power button press for sleep etc), my Surface Pro always wakes back up with 3 rows. I am using the "show more tiles" option for the time being. I want my 6 rows back