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80 degrees C, less than 50% load, playing gmae. Normal?

EDIT: using GPU-Z I can see that while the cores aren't too loaded, the GPU is being stressed hard. Likely just combination of a stressful game and immature drivers. If anyone can confirm with their own experiences of Civ5 that would be great.


When I play Civilisation 5, within a minute my pro 2 hits 80 degrees. Resolution at 720 and all settings low. CPU load never goes above 50%.

I tried attaching CoreTemp log but couldn't get a filetype website would accept (or a pdf small enough)

I'm not sure whether the issue is:
a) Latest firmware failure
b) Issue with my device
c) Normal

Looking at below for the original pro, after a firmware update this same game ran fine without the heat. Makes me think it's either 'a' or 'b'. If so, should I avoid playing games over the holidays? That would suck, but better than damaging machine.
Overheating - Microsoft Community

Any advice, or common stories appreciated

EDIT: can't edit thread title typo, haha, ah well
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What powerplan are you using?
Try setting the cpu-cooling to "active" instead of passive.

Besides, what graphic settings are you using on CIV?
Fact is that the GPU-cores seem to produce far more heat than the CPU.
Doing a 100% stress-test on the CPU only leaves my device constantly at 74C, never stepping over that.
Doing a 100% GPU load with barely any CPU it shots the temps up to 80C which is barely exceeded since the system downclocks. MS seems to have played safe here because theoretically Intel allows temps over 90C...

You can do both types of stresstest with this little tool and also watch the temps: Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)
Try it yourself and look whether you can reproduce my results.. if so then I gues the graphics of CIV are set higher than that guy from the other forums uses. If not you probably have indeed a faulty device...
My tests were done on high-performance powerplan.
Thanks for the quick reply

Using default balanced power plan
Once I start playing, fans spin up. At high 70s fans kick into high gear and are fairly noisy. Looking at settings it is 'passive' (seems odd to me given fans spin up) will try active and see.
In Civ I use 720 resolution with everything set to low

I'll run a stress test and see

Other guy has the pro 1. Suggests to me there's something wrong with how mine performs (options 'a' or 'b'). Hopefully someone else with failed Dec update is having this issue too; really don't want hassle of replacement.

EDIT: my stress test results are the same as yours (if anything, a little lower) so I'm happy it's not my device bugging out.
Hopefully a firmware or driver updates improves gaming temps for me. For now I just won't game on it.
I'd still be quite interested to hear how anyone else playing Civ5 is getting on.

Thanks again DG
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Hmm.. odd... Sure you haven't overseen any graphic setting in Civ?

Here they show the Surface Pro 2 performing Civ V (after others), I think: [video=youtube;X5bz1z3l4a4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5bz1z3l4a4[/video]

Gaming Performance is said to be quite acceptable: http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...face-pro-2-gaming-thread-pictures-videos.html
In every case I haven't read anywhere that it'd perform worse than the SP 1.

What you also could do is install the standard intel drivers which aren't directly power-optimised but stable too and are said to improve the temperatures and average frame rates for some games (that's based on a single remark by someone here in the forums.. so no clue how true or spread that is).
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Game performance is fine (actually surprisingly good), I'm just not happy with the thermals being maxed when there's still plenty of headroom on the processor.

Separate Intel drivers would probably help, might be the next thing to try. I also need to investigate frame rates, vsync and double check video settings.

If anyone has any direct experience with Civilisation 5 - either with or without the December driver/firmware fail, I'd be very interested to hear how your temps are.



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What is the ambient temperature? Is it possible that some cooling vents are blocked?

The Surface Pro 2 has several internal temperature sensors, and if it warms up the following things will happen:
a) the CPU fans go to 100% rpm (very audible and annoying)
b) if that's not enough, the CPU gets throttled
c) I'm not 100% sure, but I think there is also an overtemperature shutdown if the temperature still keeps rising
Ambient isn't too high, perhaps 25C (we've had a cool change, which is nice)
Inspected vents, they look clear
Actions a) and b) each kick in, keeping temperatures from going above 80

I decided against trying Intel drivers. While I want this game to work (designed for touch screens, it's perfect for SP2) I also don't want to make the battery worse. Will hope the firmware fix coming 'soon' improves things.

Game runs at about 55fps, so while running well is seems the graphics part of the chip is being worked pretty hard.

Still would like to hear from anyone who plays Civ5

Thanks for your suggestions guys, I appreciate it
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