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Additional Monitor Odd Behavior


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My apologies to all if there is a thread with the resolution but I didn't see it. I have a pro 3 and purchased a mini display port for one of my monitors. The video is great but when I move from my pro 3 to the add on monitor with mouse and start an application, that program starts on the PRO 3 and the additional monitor is still at the home screen.
I must be missing something.
The adapter is a j5 create VGA Mini DisplayPort Adapter, JDA112. Older monitor but looks great. I added a screen shot of the display settings on the PRO 3
Hopefully I have explained this well enough. I appreciate any help.
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so to verify, when you launch the program from the second monitor it starts on the SP3? I think if I'm reading it right your second monitor is set as your primary display is that correct?