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After 8.1 update, Surface RT 32GB will not charge and will not reboot


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Last night I updated my RT tablet with the 8.1 update. Today when I connected the charger, no light. Before rebooting I looked at the battery icon and it appeared full. I tried rebooting the tablet. After the Surface splash, I got a low battery indicator and it shuts itself off. I've connected the charger for an hour and it still won't boot up. Aaaaand the warranty only recently expired.

I haven't found anything via google, anyone else have the problem?


Sorry to hear that. I updated mine last night as well and so far so good. I must say that the update process was a bit strange as I had to abort it a few times and even a manual restart before it finally got beyond 65%. But at the end I charged it and restarted it and working fine right now. In fact there is a noticeable improvement in keyboard and mouse response and overall performance appears to be better as well. But admittedly its still early to say.
What you may consider doing is doing a soft and then hard restore but only after backing up your stuff. Good luck.