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After-Christmas: How to Convert Recorded Video/Films for various purposes?


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Pavtube started After-Christmas Sales and Deals 2013. The Promotion covered Blu-ray/DVD ripping tools and video converters with free and up to 66% discount.

A larger number of people take videos during Christmas holidays to record the special moment of 2013. Pavtube rolled out After-Christmas Sales for Blu-ray/DVD/Video Converter with giveaway and big discount. Home/party videos recorded by camcorders or camera, which formats are not supported by websites and media player can therefore be converted to mainstream media player and portable devices.

Why to buy?

1. For Family get-together

Many people purchased discount Blu-ray and DVDs from onlineshop like Amazon etc during their Christmas Deals. They want to watch with family during Christmas or after Christmas. Pavtube ByteCopy help users get rid of commercials, retain wanted subtitles and language audio tracks, create 3D movies and stream movies to smart TV. Family can therefore get together, enjoying 3D movies and turning on/off subtitles during movie night.

2. For sharing with friends

The recorded video for Church Christmas Pageant or other Christmas event by camcorder, like Sony Handycam, can be converted by Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and uploaded to YouTube, Google+, Vimeo etc.

Such Christmas event can also be edited in Pavtube software by adding funny texts or interesting pictures onto the video, trim out-of-focus footage and unwanted footage and merge several clips into one bigger clip etc.

However some more editions, like adding transition etc, have to be done in separate professional editing program, like AVS Video Editor. But major editing programs don't support video file format, like .MOV videos recorded by Canon 5D Mark III. Pavtube Video Converter tools help convert .MOV to .MP4 or other suitable format as he wants.

MXF videos recorded by camcorder and camera are the same case. They are not supported by editing program either. Canon XF series, Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM record MXF videos with multiple audio tracks in MXF format. Pavtube MXF Multi-Mixer helps to retain the original audio tracks in .MKV, .MP4 and .MOV or mix multiple audio tracks for further edition in editing software.

3. For personal archive

If the event is recorded by Sony Handycam, it's MTS/M2TS video cannot be burned to DVD directly. Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter helps convert to MP4 so that users can turn it into ISO files for burning to DVD.

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Source: How to Deal Christmas Recordings and Films for Using in Various Purposes?