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Almost a Surface newbie


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Greeting from Fort Bliss everyone. I am purchasing a new Surface Monday morning. Until recently I was a Mac devotee. I have decided to leave Mac and come back to windows. I have been using a Macbook Air since last year and before that a Macbook pro since forever. So, I have not used a Windows machine for anything other than work for years. I like the idea of not having a tablet and a separate computer, and I need something portable. So, Monday morning Amazon will take my money abd ship me a Surface! Now just have to decide whether it's going to be a 128gb Surface 3 or a 128gb pro model!!! UGH!


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go pro!... or go bro! and welcome aboard!
Go pro or gay?? Wha???

Seriously this is a use case question and partially a preference issue.

How will it be used?
Do you prefer portable tablet mode, couch surfing, consumption use? is weight an issue??? If you're going to hold it for hours, unless you're one of those Seal team guys um... Rangers that never tires or feels pain ever, lighter may be appreciated. :)


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So, I am back. Sorry for the delay in responding. Anyway... I purchased a Surface Pro 3 on Amazon. After a few days, I returned it and went for a 128gb Surface 3 non-pro along with a 128gb microsd. I liked the pro but for my uses it was just too big. I know it's a small difference in size and weight, but I find myself using my surface for surfing the web on the couch, reading emails, facebook, some light schoolwork, etc... so the Pro was just overkill. It is taking some time to get used to my surface, but overall I am pretty happy with it. I purchased just the surface so I can try it out before purchasing the accessories, so I am on an old usb keyboard right now. My red type cover, stylus, usb hub, and mouse should be here early next week. Then I will be fully immersed in the Surface universe.

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