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Tips for a newbie


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Hey guys,

I'm not a newbie on computer (use it since 96) but I'm a newbie on this Surface Pro subject. I was a windows user until 2010 when I switched to Apple, just to switch to Windows 8 (brilliant stuff) last month. So, I have my iPad to my wife and I'm buying a Surface Pro sunday.

You guys have any tip for me or a step-by-step guide to kick in and have the best experience?

I'm already decided to pay for a 100GB Skydrive so I can cloud all my docs, that will be kept on my Windows 8 computer (transformed on a server).

I want to storage all my MP3s (60 GB) on this computer (server) and listen to it via WIFI on my Surface Pro. Any idea on how to do so?

Any other tip will be more than welcome!



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I know, I've done that, but most things I get are general advice. I would specially love to hear a solution on that mp3 streaming I mentioned


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What are you using as a "Server" if it is DNLA Device you can use "Play To" or if it has any approved Media Services running same thing...


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You can also access your mp3 saved on skydrive thru the win 8 metro music app. i am sure other metro apps will do this easily.


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#1 tip, read through the Forum.

I second this. Just spend some time each day reading through the different posts, and very quickly you will begin to get a feel for the device's personality and problems. You will also begin to encounter things on your own Surface that you've just read the solution to!

Welcome aboard.