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Amazing Lockscreen can't auto update lock screen


Hi all! I have been using Amazing Lock Screen for a while and i am still unable to make it work. The app is for using Bing images in your lock screen.

If i open the app, i can download the images and set the last one as the new lock screen image. Moreover, when i open the app, it automatically tells me there is a new image and asks me if i want to set it as my lock image. However if i never open the app, the lock screen is never updated. I have "allow app to download the image automatically" and "allow app to update the lock screen automatically" to on. Time between updates is set to 600 minutes. In "permissions", "lock screen - allow app to run in the background" is enabled.

Any suggestion?



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This is a third party app, so their support will not be on these forums. It's best to contact the developer directly about these issues; the contact information will be on the app page in the store. It's possible there's a compatibility issue with 8.1, as some apps haven't updated and may have broken functionality (8.1 was a pretty big patch).