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Amount of Spam in This Forum


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Hi folks,

i'm a active member of several forums, but none has such a high number of spamaccounts/-content. I think the reason for this flood of unwanted messages has to do with the Term "Surface", which has got some eminence in those days. I don't want to say that the admins are lazy, incompetent or something like that. So don't be offended :)

So some ideas:

- ad some random generated questions to the captchas
- you could do some sort of: first 5 postings are moderated and in this time, users have only restricted rights
- Delete zero-post-accounts on a regular basis (monthly), with a prior warning mail
- Try and get some moderators from different timezones

I'm aware, this means some effort, but as this is the first forum only dedicated to surface, it might be worth it ;)

Best ...


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Question challenge is the simplest - and what i do on my own forums. Even something as simple as "What number comes after six?" will stop the bots... and when the spammers come to manually check things and reset the bot, you just change the question. Over time they get frustrated and leave you alone.

I too would offer my help in moderating.


We just added a few tools, it should get better from here on out. Sorry about that.