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Any way to get better battery life?



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Exactly. I did the same thing. I created a Battery Max Profile based off of this link. I highly recommend people read this article I'm about to link. Then create their own new profile with what it suggests. It works as I've seen great increase in battery life with it. Then combine this with turning off unnecessary live tiles and apps running in background and you can get extra long battery life. Of course no matter the profile, gaming will severely drain battery life.

How To: Optimize Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Life

Works for Pro 1 or Pro 2. I can only imagine the gains the pro 2 owners will see with this profile. I bet if I had a pro 2, I could pull at least 10hrs. With this battery max profile.

I've followed this guide on my SP2. Can confirm much better battery life (went from ~5 hours to ~7 hours with pretty heavy use). I've noticed two things:

1. Coming out of sleep/hibernate frequently drains battery a lot

2. Setting the min/max cpu helped boost my battery the most. Currently I'm running 1-40% pretty well. Considering changing this to 0-30% but I'm not sure how safe setting it to 0% is.

Haskell saves power when it's idle, if you let it run on max power like games, it's same as last gen CPU

Correct, and one of Microsoft's biggest problems is that Windows is rarely idle. I expect to see better battery life over time as Microsoft continue to optimize Windows for battery like Apple has.