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Solved Anyone able to use the tablet mode??

I have tried the tablet mode every few days and am unable to make it function.

firstly how do I switch to an open app like Skype
the only way I can find to switch is to to open the main home screen and click from there.

Secondly when I use Skype and click on member search the keyboard does NOT popup up
When using Skype on the Ipad it is a lot more functional as the Icons are 5 Xs bigger for easy navigation and the keyboard pop ups when click any data field.

Has anyone found a good training video for using tablet mode??


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Sorry, no instruction manual.
I wouldn't read it even if there were one....
MS does have tutorials on how to navigate with Windows 10, however.

In tablet mode, swipe in from the LEFT and you go into task mode; all the open applications will be there to see, as well as alternate desktops.

Also, hitting the Windows button on the right bezel will get you the start menu; you can open another program without closing your present one.

Swiping up from the bottom will get you the taskbar/Win button, etc

You can also snag a program from the title bar at the top, drag the window to one side, and it will snap; the other open programs will be in the open half of the screen. Lots of options


ok Now I know why I could not split my screens.. Skype is my primary app and It does not split. AH HAH!

Now that i am firing up a browser or two i can see some functionality of split screens and moving them around.