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Anything better than cloudHQ to sync my Dropbox with my OneDrive?

Charles Cote

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I have used MS computers since '88. Then around 2011, I switched to Mac for it's convenience in syncing all my equipment (iPhone and iPad). Realized some software would not be made in Mac versions, so I partitioned my hd to run them on Win7. I finally gave up on the partitioning of the Mac as it slowed everything too much. So I bought my SP3... I like to travel light. I sync all my work files on Dropbox and it worked like a charm with my Win7 partition and the Mac based equipment. But NOW: what a disappointment! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the crap Win8 is with my Dropbox. Can't link my MS based software to my files anymore! Was way too easy, right guys? Had to force users to go with your crappy One Drive! I say crappy because I had to pay to get a third party to sync my 85 gigs of data in Dropbox to One Drive. And after one month, only 35 gigs have been sync'd. Been told MS is limiting the transfer flow. Again MS problem. Crappy also because you are limiting the length of the file names, unlike Dropbox. What is wrong with you guys at MS? You used to be business oriented! Now you try to keep up by imposing half measures to the real thing! Please go back to your drawing boards and make something worth going back to, or more people like me will make the transition elsewhere. I should have bought a cheap laptop running on Win7 and all my problems would have been solved, or actually would not have happened... I guess my reading on the SP3 was not thorough enough. Should have anticipated everything, as if we only have this to do in life. But I am a useless hopeful dreamer. Maybe someone might have a solution.

So, to sum it all up, is there out there a better way to sync this One Drive with my Dropbox? Anyone?


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I really struggled to understand what on earth you are talking about.

1. Install Dropbox? Really easy. Just download and use exactly the same as you did with Win7. I can't see how you could have failed to do this?

2. Pay a 3rd party? Sounds like you've been scammed :rolleyes:

3. "what's wrong with us guys at MS?" - None of us here work for MS (well some people might) but this forum is not run by MS at all.