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App flipping from display 2 to display 1 when under stress

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Not sure if this is a surface issue, windows-10 issue or an app issue.

Running SP4 i7 with SP as display 1 and external display via DP as display 2

With Visio 2016 running maximised on display 2 and searching for shape, Visio will become unresponsive momentarily and the whole visio app will flip to display 1, then flip back to display 2 as the search returns the found shapes.

It's bizare to watch and somewhat disconcerting to see an app flip uncontrolled between displays. Never noticed this behaviour before the last SP4 driver update pack.

Anyone else experienced this?

Dirty Surface


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That is odd. The shortcut to swap an active window to the other monitor is Win key+shift+right/left arrow. Is there any chance you are using a combo, a Touchme Gesture shortcut, or that the program uses something in its process that would trigger it?
Dirty Surface

Dirty Surface

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External monitor is a Lenovo Thinkvision at max native resoultion of 1680 x 1050 and scaling at 100% (recommended)

SP4 is at max native resolution of 2736 x 1824 and scaling at 200% (recommended)

Not hitting any shortcut keys or gestures. Seems to happen when an app is under stress, e,g, visio is momentarily unresponsive during a search for a shape object and flips just for a second then flips back

Visio does this repeatably, but I've also seen firefox do it occasionally when stressed too.

I've never seen windows do this before and wouldnt believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

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I'd try just running Visio on the 2nd monitor with the video setup to duplicate screens and see how Visio runs under what you call a "stressed" condition. More information about a problem can lend a hand to solving a problem. I too run a similar setup as yours, except I duplicate screens and close the keyboard cover on the SP so it doesn't distract me. I would never use the SP as a monitor extension because of the screen size.