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Apple fined $2.29 million over '4G iPad' claims in Australia


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Australia's federal court has fined Apple for "deliberately" misleading customers on local 4G capabilities of its latest iPad. The Cupertino-based company recently agreed to the terms, which included AU$2.29 million fine and a cool AU$300,000 in costs. Despite its 4G claims, Apple's new iPad can't connect with existing Antipodean next-generation phone networks, although it can hook up to US-based networks. Apple offered refunds for any customers that felt deceived and even adjusted its advertising to reflect its cellular capabilities, but the judge still deemed that the company had contravened Australia's consumer law in the ensuing confusion. Fortunately, Apple still has plenty left in the bank.

Source: Engadget


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Really, what the hell is that?^^^

Antipodean |ˌantɪpəˈdiːən|


relating to Australia or New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere): Antipodean wines.


a person from Australia or New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere).
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: formed irregularly from antipodes + -an.


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Let's be honest, the towels and tissues in Apple's executive wash room cost more than this. They probably blow their noses on $100s. Yes they made a mistake but other than media hype over that mistake there is no real consequence here.

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