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Article in April 1st Autoweek about Surface RT


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I subscribe to Autoweek magazine and they had a half page article about a Toyota NASCAR race team in their Nationwide series that has a partnership with Microsoft and they use Surface RT ' s to let the drivers see info on lap times and other info while sitting in the car getting work done during testing. Team also developed an app that works with telemetry so driver can give instant input using the testing data. I am not sure what info is available on their website for non subscribers. Pretty cool to see that the RT being used in a way I did not know about and if you need an app that is not available, then make it yourself as the race team did! lol :eek:mg:
That is actually one of the most compelling parts of the Modern UI, many of the Apps that have been created are created for specific uses or customers that are outside of the Public Store, these are created by Microsoft Partners for their customers or by Microsoft Consulting working with a specific enterprise customer. Unfortunately most of these Apps will never be seen my the press who rail against Windows 8/RT.