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As Windows RT doubts mount, Microsoft exec claims 'bright future' for OS


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"Exactly! I share these very sentiments! Which is also why I consider the Surface RT to be a revolutionary device. Aside from the fact that I don't need the extended capabilities of the Surface Pro, this and the battery life are the main reasons why I chose the Surface RT."

I'm sitting here looking at a dead-but-hard-used, year-2000 Vadem Clio that had the iPad beaten by 7 years and the touch/type keyboard pad feel beaten by a decade, all while running WinCE Pro. Next to it is an HP iPaq with a 640 x 480 vga screen and an even better WinCE Mobile OS.

The Company Men had the sector at their feet, but instead decided on a brain dead, zero-sum strategy that emphasized the Desktop Uber Alles.

Never underestimate MS' ability to snatch utter defeat from the jaws of victory.

Office 365 has given me some hope, but seems like the near-sighted accountants run the company.

However, I'm also sitting here watching a 1993 documentary on Napoleon at Austerlitz, so Apple could be hiding another breakthrough device in the fog, below the Pratzen.
Battery life is really nice, but the real clincher for me with RT was the price. Why pay more for functionality and weight you don't need? You are absolutely right about the rest. I bought a Compaq TC1000 - think it was around 2001. MS had was onto something with the TabletPC, but they didn't have the vision to make the OS tablet-friendly. They just shoe-horned Windows XP into it. Lets hope they don't screw this one up too.