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Top Execs at Microsoft Have Reason to Worry; 'titanic' Restructuring Coming


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BGR has an interesting article on a potential executive shakeup over at Microsoft. Before you ask if they plan on getting rid of Steve Ballmer, the answer is no. In fact, this shakeup is apparently Ballmer himself restructuring the upper leadership of Microsoft in order to shift the company's gears toward a new direction. Here's the story,

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reportedly close to initiating a major reorganization that will look to solidify Microsoft’s transition from software company to “devices and services company.” The news comes from AllThingsD, which claims that top management at the Redmond-based company is worried because Ballmer is working on the reorganization on his own, without consulting “the wider leadership group.” One unnamed insider at Microsoft said the changes coming at the company are likely ”going to be titanic,” and he or she continued by noting that this is “the first time in a long time that it feels like that there will be some major shifts, including some departures.” Ballmer will reportedly announce his reorganization plans internally to Microsoft executives on July 1st.

It looks like we could be seeing a huge Exodus of Microsoft execs very soon...

This was originally reported on BGR here: Microsoft Reorganization 2013: Top execs? futures uncertain | BGR
Microsoft is going to be getting much more into the hardware end of things.

That is why they are shaking things up.

They need some top people who understand manufacturing.