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Availability, stock levels


I was lucky to get my hands on a Surface Pro 2 incl. Type Cover, 128GB as to this day the 256/512GB models have not yet seen the light of day here in EMEA.
Same story for accessories, either out of stock or targeted for early 2014 (whatever that is supposed to indicate). I really need a dock and it looks like I have to settle for some USB dock as the flipping thing is not available and no information on when MS will be prepared to grace us with the opportunity to take our money.
The Microsoft Store reminds me of a soviet department store with faded photographs in the window and empty shelves - in the run up for Christmas. What kind of product launch is this supposed to be?

Rant over, had to get this off my chest.

P.S. I love my Surface :)

Dave T.

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I picked up my Surface 2 on Wednesday (11/13) at a BB about 30 miles from me. They had only 2 left. The BB nearest me was out of stock on Monday (11/11). I had to order my Type Cover 2 online from BB. Neither store had them in stock. I hope this means that the Surface Tablets are selling great, and not a ploy by MS to make everyone think they are a hot commodity. I would love to see some sales figures.


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Stock is hard to come by even in the US lol.
Its cause MS overestimated demand for the SP1/RT and now they're underestimating demand for the SP2/S2 because they dont want to lose a ton of money in leftover inventories.


Yes, what a brilliant idea! Instead they now lose money on people taking their business elsewhere - during the busiest and most crucial time of the year.

Yeah, way to go: lets "release some stuff" but whatever you do, keep stock levels low, lets pull an Apple. It beggars belief.

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