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Backing up SP in case of hardware or HD failure


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I have acronis should I setup a USB stick and boot that to run it, as normal. Then remove and insert the backup USB stick, follow the prompts.
Yes, follow the Acronis steps to create your boot medium (USB stick or CD). Then you can boot from it to test the restore.

You stated you have Acronis, but that's just the vendor's name, so I'm not sure if you meant that you also have True Image. Regardless, they make several backup software products and whatever product you are using from them, you definitely need to test and confirm that the product does indeed create a Surface Pro-bootable medium.


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Hello, starLog,
but be careful with Acronis (esp. Acronis True Image Home 2013, newest German Version; English might be better): After having started from USB stick, you have to key in 1 for True Image. Well, no Problem.
Soon after, True Image starts, but Keyboard and touchpad of Surface Pro don't work any more, so there is no chance for any input any more.
As far as I and others found out, you must unplug the stick, plug a USB mouse - does work. You can then unplug the USB mouse; the touchpad now works, and you can recover your Surface.
Only Problem: I still don't know if the complete recovery really will work, as I haven't tried it yet. To restore some files to a new Destination (just as a test), it was ok.

Good luck and best wishes,