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Best compact USB 3.0 hub

Hi all

Absolutely love this tiny USB hub from Trust, because it is compact. It hangs down from the Surface and because it's so light, puts the USB socket under barely any strain.

Trust.com - Vecco 4 Port USB 2.0 Mini Hub - black

Anyone know a 3.0 alternative?

I've seen loads of small 3.0 hubs, but no tiny ones.

I've not seen any tiny ones, but I did buy a small one. I've resigned myself to carrying the USB 3.0 cable, but at least I have a fairly short one. The hub is sold by Targus, has 4 device ports. It also has an (optional) external power supply, which I don't carry with the computer--the power supply is bigger than the hub.

Yeah, I have a few 2.0 hubs, but a shame not to take advantage of the USB 3.0 backup drive transfer rates. Can't have everything...