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Best external hi-res monitor for the SP4?

For those of you using high-resolution external monitors with your Surface Pro 4s, which monitor would you recommend that gives you no technical trouble and which maintains the high native resolution of the SP4?

I'm looking for a single monitor to be able to use Photoshop and Premier Pro as well as Office 365, Lotus Notes and other business applications. I'm fifty-four and although my eyes are OK, too, too small resolution isn't the easiest for me to work with. I can use the SP4's screen for most of my work but I'm finding it difficult for extended periods and I know it will be too small for me to do serious image and video editing, so an external monitor is in order. I already have the new Microsoft dock so I'll be leaving the monitor as well as my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected there permanently.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Depends on how much real estate you want. I've gone from a 29" AOC Q2963PM running 2560x1080 to a 34" LG 34UM94-P running 3440x1440 (popular around here from what I've read, the WQHD part that is) to a Dell U3415-W. That last lets me snap two 1920x1080 FHDs side-by-side on the big tube. 4K UHD FTW for me.