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best for Battery life


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I use my Surface a lot at home where I leave the charger connected while I am working... is this the best for the battery in terms of prolonging it's life? Or is there a better way? What do you guys do?


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This has been asked many times :) - According to MS this is the best practice and what I follow -

Battery care
Operating temperature. Surface is designed to work between 32°F and 95°F (or 0°C to 35°C). Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to high temperatures, so keep your Surface out of the sun and don’t leave it in a hot car.

Recharge any time. The battery doesn’t need to be empty or low before you recharge. You can recharge the battery whenever you like. However, it’s best to let the battery run to below 10 percent at least once per month before you recharge it.

Microsoft Surface battery and power | Recharge Surface