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Best MKV Video Converter for Windows 8 Phones and Tablets


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If you want mobile playback in .mkv on an Windows 8 tablet/smartphone and wanna subtitles preserved, your best bet is to convert the mkv videos into mp4 format, which is naturally supported by Windows 8 OS. Encoding MKV takes long time, but it is necessary to do so because of the limitations of the tablets and smartphones:

1. Very few mobile devices have the necessary power, even in tablet form, to provide the output necessary to decode .mkv properly. For instance, Tegra 2 based tablets/phones will have a hard time decoding 720p 8-bit .mkv without some mucking around and/or luck. Many of these devices will not be able to churn out the processor heavy 10-bit encodes, hence the stutters and freezes.

2. Windows 8 tablets/smartphones won't push over a file greater than 4GB so anything bigger than 4GB must be compressed. 40Mbps High Profile 1080p MKV (mostly Blu-ray backup) will need to be encoded before you can watch the movie on Windows 8 device.

I personally convert all my videos to mp4 format, and can even play 720 fine as long as it's hardware decoded. Windows 8 doesn't decode MKV very well, and I found it better to convert MKV to mp4 to play videos well. Here’s how to convert 1080p/720p MKV to MP4 for playing on Windows 8 tablet/smartphone with subtitles:

Required software:
MKV to Windows 8 Converter for Windows | MKV to Windows 8 Converter for Mac
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Step 1. Drag and drop MKV file to Pavtube MKV Converter. The software supports batch conversion, and you may add multiple MKVs at a time.


Step 2.
Select output format from the drop-down profile list of “Format” bar. Here you can find the templates for almost all the Windows 8 tablets.

Step 3. Press the big Convert button to start converting MKV to your device optimized video.

In case that the default presets don’t work for your specific needs, you may click “Settings” to set video bitrate, file size, frame rate, audio channel, sampling rate, bitrate, etc. The lower bitrate you set, the smaller output file size is. Basically the best balance for Windows 8 tablets is 2500kbps and smartphones 1500kbps.

This Windows 8 optimized MKV Converter uses GPU acceleration to speed up encoding process and is much faster than free tool handbrake.

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