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Bill Gates Uses His 80-Inch Windows Tablet to Answer Questions on Reddit


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Just yesterday, Bill Gates had an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. While the contents of his discussion are quite fascinating (you can find the talk here), what we found most intriguing was his gigantic 80-inch Windows Tablet that he used to answer the questions with! It's called a Perceptive Pixel display Windows 8 touch whiteboard. Here's the picture of it above.

I guess when you are the majority owner in the company and also one of the world's richest billionaires, your Windows Tablet might have a few "improvements" over a conventional one... :)

Source: A Photo Of Bill Gates Using An 80-Inch Windows Tablet To Answer Questions On Reddit - Business Insider


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Steve Ballmer uses one in his office as well, from what I understand he and his executives use OneNote for whiteboard discussions....


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When I was in Treasury we used "Smart Boards" and MS Office... PowerPoint, Excel, IE, etc. We had three in our building.