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Blu-ray to Samsung Ativ Tab 3 - Rip Blu-ray movies for playing on Samsung Ativ Tab 3


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Samsung Ativ Tab 3 has a 10.1-inch display sports a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels. That's somewhat underwhelming -- particularly when you compare it with the full HD or higher displays we've seen on other 10-inch slates. Apple's Retina Display iPad, for example, has it casually beaten, and Samsung's own Nexus 10 packs in a truckload more pixels.

Without a doubt, this tablet is really good for us to enjoy movies. For this reason, many people would like to put their Blu-ray/DVD movies onto Samsung Ativ Tab 3. Thus, they can enjoy favourite movies whatever they go. But, how to put Blu-ray/DVD movies on Samsung Ativ Tab 3? Still haven't find a solution? No worry, below is a guide for you.

1. Download and install.

2. Load Blu-ray/DVD movies.

It can handle Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray ISO, DVD disc, DVD IFO, DVD ISO, DVD folder.


3. Choose output format.

Click on “Format” bar, Choose “H.264 video (*.mp4)” as output, this format is in “Windows” category. Meanwhile, you can click "Settings" to custom the video quality. The following information for your reference:

Codec: h264
Size (pix):1920*1080
Frame Rate (fps): original

Sample Rate (hz):48000
Channels: Stereo

4. Choose Subtitle by clicking on the options.

5. Run the conversion.

Now, just wait until it’s finished. After that, transfer the converted mp4 file to Samsung Ativ Tab 3. Then you can watch Blu-ray movies on Samsung Ativ Tab 3 anywhere anytime. As you see, it’s really simple, you may try it by yourself.