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bluestacks after win10 upgrade


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I had been successfully using Bluestacks Android emulator on my i5 pro3 under win 8.1, particularly to play Real Racing 3. After upgrading to win 10 RR3 has become almost unplayable, the tilt steering has a bias to the right and no longer has a center deadband. Performing in game calibrations doesn't help.

I have tried re-installing bluestacks and RR3 - but no luck, it's still the same.

Returning to win 8.1 fixes the problem immediately.

Has any encountered issues like this, or has an idea on how to fix it please let me know.

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Dumb question but did you download the version made for Windows 10? I had all kinds of issues with Bluestacks until I did a search and found an install file just for Windows 10


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Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the latest version of Bluestacks for the re-installation and bluestacks config recognised that it's running in win 10. Bluestacks itself works fine, and all of the apps work fine except for the 'tilt' in RR3.