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bluetooth headphones


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Hi is there any way to fix Bluetooth issue with surface pro?
I have bought Bluetooth headphones for to enjoy streaming movies but wifi gets really slow when I connect then to my pro.
Is there any solution out there ?


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I believe this is a known issue with Bluetooth and Wifi - some updates that were released were supposed to have fixed this. Do you have the latest firmware and Windows Updates?

Some examples where I've read this before:
Bluetooth slows down Wi-Fi - Microsoft Community

yea I have installed all updates till today still I can't stream even Youtube videos while I have my Bluetooth headphone on
If anyone find solution pls let me know


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As Jeff says, 5GHz is the only way! Trust me I tried lots of different approaches over several months and it's the only solution... which works absolutely brilliantly.

Actually I get an extra couple of Mb/s from a 5GHz too, so well worth it :)