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Bluetooth not working on SPro2 after Windows 10 Update


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Hello guys,

some days ago i've upgraded my SPro2 to Win 10.
Today i've noticed that the Bluetooth is not working.

I'm trying to connect my Bluetooth Headphones as usual and it didn't work.
I'm able to switch on Bluetooth but it'll find no devices.
The advanced Bluetooth Options don't open too.
And It is not possible to Disable Bluetooth until reboot.
The Switch is movable but jups back to on...

Has anybody the sam expirience?
I've checked if there are Updates via Windows Update.
I've rebooted more than once...
I've gone back to Win8.1 an immediately my Bluetooth is working.

Hopfully anybody has an idea because thats the only thing i've found that prevents me to Upgrade to Windows 10

Thanks a lot.

Greetings Alex


hi, my bluetooth performance has deteriorated too. i use a jbl flip 2 speaker. after a clean install it will work once! then it has trouble connecting, or disconnecting. if it does connect, it doesn't actually play audio. back to a stereo cable for me if i need to use it :-(

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