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Can anyone recommend a good Facebook app? Pleeease!


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I have a laptop and a Surface RT with Windows 8.1. I have a Nokia Lumia 920. I have an iPad2.

My Facebook News Feed is very important to me. The News Feed on my Lumia's People Hub is perfect. Always posting all updates for my friends and the Pages that I have liked. I also have two iPad apps that I can say the same for.

Now, Facebook on my laptop and Surface is a whole lot different. No matter what apps I try ... even the "official" FB app ... the updates are indiscriminate. Not all updates are posted, not all friends or Pages show up consistently, there are sometime big time spaces between posts. Sometimes they are even out of chronological order. I need so badly for this to be fixed, so that I can leave iPad at home and carry Surface.

Is there any app that will post all updates for the friends and Pages I have chose to receive on my News Feed. I don't think it has anything to do with FB settings, because, as I stated before, I get all of them on my phone and iPad.

Pleeease help! :cry:


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If the official Facebook app doesn't work out, how does it work in the browser for you?